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Water Well Screen

The Water Well Screen is generally considered to be the heart of the well pipe and can be used with deep well pumps and submersible pumps. Most of the applications are for oil wells, gas wells, water wells, and also for filters, food processing, manufacturing, chemicals, etc.
Our Water Well Screen adopts V-shaped wire structure, with large filtering area and large water output. This product can replace traditional bridge type water filter pipe, and is the most ideal water filter pipe for geothermal wells, oil wells and water wells.
These high-porosity water pipes are more suitable for the construction of high-efficiency water, oil and gas wells. The water filter pipe facilitates the infiltration of groundwater, and the abundant water volume reduces the water level to reduce the energy consumption.
The higher porosity makes the groundwater penetrate into the water filter pipe much faster than when it penetrates into other filter devices, thus preventing the sand from entering the water filter pipe under a large water pressure and reducing the pump wear. Relatively speaking, the groundwater seeps into the pore filter high filter water pipe is easier, the water flow rate is low, and the service life of the water well is prolonged.
We are one of professional China manufacturers and suppliers of water well screen, as well as seller and distributor, offering you various sizes and styles of water well screen with low price. We have a large factory to produce them. For more details, please contact our company.
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Xi'an Brightway International Trading Inc.

Address: No.1, Room 715 Of 1st Building Of Qujiang Liu Hao Qujiang Yan Nan Yi Road, Xi'an, China

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